I’m proud to have grown up here, and I feel I uniquely understand the needs and challenges facing our communities. I’m a proud alumni of the St. Anthony schools where I made many great memories over the years participating in athletics, band, knowledge bowl and SADD. I want to make sure that every student in Minnesota has the opportunity to receive the same high-quality, engaging education that was provided to me.

I’m a retail management professional, and I see first hand the difficulties individuals and businesses face at the hands of government. I’ve been on the ground working for higher wages for my staff. I see the difficulties many of them still face when it comes to affordable healthcare and providing for their families. I want to build an environment where business is able to create and maintain good paying jobs that will allow our economy to grow and thrive into the 21st century.

This year you will be asked to elect a new State Representative. When making your decision, please know that I will be a fighter for all people. I am not afraid of working in a bipartisan manner to pass meaningful legislation for our communities. I’m not bought by special interests, and I’m not a member of either political extreme. Instead, I want to get things done so we can move Minnesota forward into a new age.

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